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Quiet Moments

About me

My name is Jenny Warner.I have recently retired from the National Health Service where I worked as a Speech and Language Therapist. I qualified as a Meditation Teacher with the British School of Meditation in 2012.

A period of change both at work and at home led to increased anxiety and difficulty sleeping.  Learning to meditate helped me manage my anxiety and stress levels. I continue to meditate daily  and attend courses and retreats.

I now run regular classes and enjoy teaching the techniques to people who want to try meditation.

What people say:

“I look forward to my meditation class with Jenny - I know I will feel so much better and

’lighter’ after! She creates a welcome and accessible space, in a beautiful venue, to meditate and relax. The classes provide guided meditations that are gentle and varied with some thoughtful touches”.   Anita

“Jenny`s meditation sessions are so calming and restful; I always come away with energy restored”.  Elisabeth

“I`ve been attending Jenny`s classes for a few  years now  and they are a perfect antidote for my demanding work life. It is a welcoming and inclusive group and Jenny always keeps the sessions varied, relaxed and to suit all experience levels. She also offers practical tips to incorporate meditation and mindfulness principles in day to day life. I appreciate the pay as you go option as I can`t always commit to a whole run of sessions.If you have  thought about learning more about meditation, don`t hesitate to join us. I can`t recommend it enough.  Kate