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Quiet Moments

Yes. It is easily learned by people of all ages and backgrounds. It is a simple technique that aids relaxation and relieves stress. You do not have to take on any particular religious beliefs.

Frequently asked questions.

Can anyone learn meditation?

No. When you meditate you sit comfortably in a chair with your eyes closed.

Do I have to sit in a strange position?

Scientific research on meditation shows many benefits on health, emotional state, memory and relationships.

What does scientific research say about meditation?


During the classes you will experience a variety of meditation techniques. These meditations are designed to calm your body and help you feel more relaxed. Each meditation will be between 10 and 15 minutes long, separated by short breaks. The class will finish with 15 minutes of relaxation.

What to bring?

We sit on upright chairs to do the meditations usually with our shoes removed. You may like to bring a cushion or yoga block to put under your feet or behind your back to make yourself more comfortable. A blanket or throw is useful to keep you warm during relaxation.We will finish the session with relaxation lying down so you may like to bring a yoga mat or something to lie on.

What to wear?

You can wear anything you are happy to sit in comfortably. You may like to bring a cardigan or shawl in case you feel cool or some socks for your feet.

    Next courses:        Thursdays  19th September - 24th October  2019

                                                    7.00 -8.30pm

 £48 for the 6 week course at £8 per class

 Or a drop in fee of £10 per class.


                                           Beginners Class 5.45- 6.45 pm

Thursdays  19th September - 24th October 2019

 £30 for the six week course to be paid in advance.

 Terms and conditions: fees to be paid in full prior to  the first session.

If you anticipate missing  two or more  sessions, the appropriate drop in fee applies which can be paid on the weeks you attend. No refunds unless  the class is cancelled.